Automation available on PC, not on mobile

When using Brewblox from my PC, I can use the automation features. I have helpful notifications set up such as to warn me when the kettle is about to boil. When I launch the brewblox dashboard from either an iphone or an ipad, I do not have access to the automation service. It does not show up in my upper left menu, and if I have an automation widget on a dashboard, it says that the service is unavailable. I don’t understand why this is, since it is running through a browser. Any insight?

The automation service shows up when it publishes data. We have no restriction on mobile devices.

In the Spark page, are you getting regular block data updates?

I’m just not sure why I see these differences between PC and mobile:

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 9.44.23 AM


Slight correction: it appears we do the automation entry in the sidebar for mobile / small devices. Fixing that now.

The widget is another story. That warning is only shown if the UI has not received data from the automation service yet.
If you go to your Spark service page, and toggle the Device Info widget, do you get regular updates of the “Last blocks update” timestamp? If not, then then the issue on mobile lies with events in general.

Hi Bob, yes, I do get regular block updates on the mobile device

Which browser/version are you using on your phone? Will look at some way to reproduce.

It appears to be browser independent. I use both chrome (v and safari (not sure version but it’s iOS v 13.5.1)