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Hi, I thought I’d give the automation sandbox a go. I installed per the instructions(added to docker-compose.shared.yml file), saved, exit and rebooted. Still nothing. Where do I go to find this?

No changes, I can not find “conditions” anywhere…

A new entry for “Automation” should appear in the top corner of the sidebar in the UI.

You’ll also want to add the automation service to docker-compose.yml, not docker-compose.shared.yml. The shared yml gets overwritten every update.

Did that, and removed from shared file(I misread). Still nothing… It is in the brewblox directory, right?

No automation menu. Besides, I’m kind of getting fed up trying to make this work. It also annoys me that there is little to no possibility of adding say a 8 channel relay in a simple straight forward matter…

We’re working on implementing node-red as alternative to automation. This solves quite a lot of the shortcomings of the automation service, but integration with our software is in early days. Depending on your requirements, this could be much more useful.

Run brewblox-ctl add-node-red to add the service, and then access the editor at pi_address/node-red.

How does your relay function, and how do you want it controlled/read by the rest of the system?

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Bonjour a vous.
je suis nouveau sur le blog, donc j 'espere que je pose la question au bon endroit.

Je cherche a savoir comment on raccord électriquement le raspberry pi au vanne ,moteur .et sonde .
Car le module de base fonctione avec deux sonde ?
Quelle sont les PIN utilisee ?


I’m going off Google Translate here, so I hope I understood your post correctly.

Sensors and actuators aren’t connected directly to the Raspberry Pi. They are connected to the BrewPi Spark controller. The Spark is connected to the Raspberry Pi.

For a simple diagram, see, and scroll down to “How Brewpi works”.

merci de votre reponse effectivement pour le Réfrigérateur je comprent bien.

pour crée le brassage avec les vannes et les sonde comment on fait ?


I’m not sure what you mean with this. Are you asking how to set up the hardware, or how to set up the software?

Je voudrais savoir électriquement comment on raccord les vannes et les sondés.
Vu que l appareil a 2 entre et 2 sortie.

Est que pour faire un brasserie il en faut beaucoup plus ?

Merci de vos reponses

The Spark has 5 green ports for actuators with a + and - wire. These can be used to control SSRs.

The Spark also has 5 OneWire ports. Here, you can plug in temp sensors. If you need more OneWire ports, extension boards can be plugged in.

How much hardware you need depends on your brewery. What process are you using? Do you want to control both your fermenters, and your brew kettles?