Autotune - how about a manual guide?

I know autotuning has been in the pipeline, but in the meantime has anyone written a guide to manual tuning specifically for brewblox? I’ve found plenty of general guides in PID tuning but I’ve found them to be either quite unreadable, specific to their authors hardware or too mathematical for an humble engineer like me :slight_smile:

It occurred to me from the questions people raise about tuning, that such a guide might actually reduce the number of questions posted too.

I think a couple of pages could do it :- start with your fluid and your required set point. Set P, I and D to be (whatever), apply power and measure whatever, adjust P, I and D and so on.

If anyone used such a guide, they could then publish their magic numbers which would be very specific for their gear, but might give others a starting point which the wizards don’t cover.

Just a thought …

The short (and disappointing) answer is that it’s also on the to-do list. The estimated effort is ~2 days work including revisions and illustrative graphs, but it’s something Elco will have to do, as my expertise on the matter is limited at best.

Thanks Bob and if you guys need a proof reader at some point, I’m happy to help with that if I can.