Ball Valve connector

Hi @Elco,
one question about your ball valves and the corresponding controller: I actually have already mounted some valves (12V, where you invert the power and they open or close, but without feedback lines). I would have to connect them somehow to your controller, can I just screw them to the controller or do I need to add the connectors you use? If yes, could you indicate me which connectors you use so that I can add them myself?

PS: Order is already placed for the controllers, can’t wait for them :smile:

These are the connectors:

Combined with these crimp terminals:

They are compatible with Molex KK, if that’s easier to find.

You should be able to use your valves and just not connect the feedback lines.

Hi Elco,

thanks for your details. Just a question: I guess I would have to crimp them, right? As I have no crimp tool here, I’d have to buy one and they are quite expensive… Would it be possible to get some pre-crimped cable/connectors (like, a 20cm cable with a crimped connector on it), which I would then connect here by hand to my valves?

You can get it done with pliers and patience. Of course you officially would need a crimp tool, but I think you can manage with pliers. Just pinch the terminal on the stripped cable, maybe add a bit of solder to be sure.

Alright Elco, I’ll give it a try. I found it quite hard to get the connectors from an online shop, but finally found it on mercateo… Let’s wait and see :smile: