Ball valves releasing odour into water

Hi All

I just finished the assembly of my new setup and I am having an issue with my new ball valves (2- and 3-Piece full bore ball valves).

Fresh water flowing through the valves (Kettle & pump outlets) will exit them with a strange oil/plastic smell. The water still tastes normal, but the smell is well noticeable.

I rinsed the valves many times with cold water, hot water, oxy-clean and even sanitizer, without recognisable improvement.

Is there anyone with a good idea, how to solve the problem? How to properly clean the valves?

SS brewtech recommends Tri-Sodium-Phosphate (TSP) prior to first time use of their vessels, maybe that will help? Something that degreases well would be needed I think, because it is probably grease from the manufacturing process.

Have you tried disassembling them? Most (all?) ball valves have a cavity in them which the boar is open to in the closed position. It’s more or less impossible to deep clean them without taking them apart.

Agreed, deep clean with TSP, disassemble all parts. Soak and scrub, part of the brewing fun! :wink:

My kettle came with a 1 piece ball valve, so I picked up an inexpensive 3 piece ball valve instead that I can break down between brews.

The water stuck in the valve gets pretty funky between brew days so I am glad I switched valves.

1 piece ball valves are generally actually 2 piece. They can be disassembled as per this video

Thank you all very much!

Does someone know a good Alternative to TSP? I cannot find it in Switzerland, I guess its use is not allowed down here…