Beer constant vs Fridge Contstant

New to BewPI, have a question. I’ve look at some posts explaining fridge constant vs beer constant but am still confused.

So fridge constant reads a temp sensor in the fridge and regulates the temperature of the fridge to maintain that temperature.

Beer constant is very similar except a temperature sensor in the beer is read and the fridge temperature is regulated to keep the target temperature of the beer.

To me it seams the difference it where the temperature sensor is, Why have the different constants, have one and change the location of the temperature sensor.

You can see beer mode as identical to fridge mode, except the fridge setpoint is varying.

In beer mode, the heater and cooler are still maintaining fridge temperature, but the fridge target temperature is adjusted for what the beer needs. By heating/cooling the beer indirectly, the beer temperature can fluctuate less.