Beer Profile current date doesn't update


So i have been doing my first brew and have been using fridge constant and beer constant profiles with no issues at all. Today after transferring my beer into secondary i wanted to bring the temperature down to 15 over a few days and then lower as its a lager. I have found this strange behavior. When adding a new line to a beer profile day 0 stays as 06/08/2013 so today 20/01/17 is shown as day 1263. Below are the screenshots to better explain what i mean. The main graph is updating with no issues and raspberrypi is showing correct time. Any ideas how i can fix this? Surely day 0 should be current day…

running 0.4.4 update

What is the time on your computer? It just takes the time from your PC. Check the time on your PC and on the raspberry pi.

that’s strange. I mean it brings up correct time when i insert a line, just the day references to 2013… just checked raspberry pi and my pc and both are correct and syncing fine with NTP servers…

What happens when you click the ‘start now’ button? Does it change the first line to the current date?

Thanks for your help as always @Elco When i clicked start now button all sorted itself out. I think the problem started when i originally tried to edit sample beer profile. Thanks again