Beer profile reset [SOLVED]

I’ve been testing the Brewpi out before committing to installing it in my fermentation chamber, and I have noticed that when I restart the Pi, the beer setting stops following the profile set, and returns to the default 20 degrees C (have no devices hocked into the arduino, still waiting for the sensors to arrive) until I manually reapply the profile. My concern is that if there is every a power outage, even a brief one that resets the pi, the temperature will go to an unintended value. The arduino is not losing power when I reset the pi, as it is still hocked into the powered hub. Is the beer profile being sent to the arduino? Or is the Pi constantly telling the arduino what the temperature setting should be?


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The profile currently exists only in the Pi, and the Pi interprets the profile and updates the arduino with the temperature.

On reset, the RPi should resume the profile - if it doesn’t then that’s an issue we need to look into!

Thanks for the info. Below is a screen grab of the data currently being logged. As mentioned I don’t have any devices hooked up yet, but I thought I could at least use this time familiarize myself with process of setting it up and leaving it to run. The spikes at C, E, G, and I, are times when I reset the Pi. Upon logging onto the webpage after a reboot the status is set to “Temperature control disabled”, and I then have to apply the beer profile again for it to resume. The time spent at 20 degrees C are the periods between reset and having to re-apply the profile. Other than that I’m thoroughly chuffed with the software.

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What I mostly notice is that you do not have a beer sensor and fridge sensor set up, I only see a set point for beer and fridge, not the actual temperatures. Did you go through device setup in the device manager?

If the BrewPi resets to defaults (20C at startup) make sure it is initialized properly by running this command on the raspberry pi:

echo -ne 'E\n' > /dev/ttyACM0

This will send ‘E’ over the serial port /dev/ttyACM0, the command to initialize the controller with default settings.

No, no devices set up at this time, as I mentioned they are still on their way in the post. I’m just playing around with the interface in the meantime to get a feel for it, and noticed that the set point was not following the profile when the Pi was reset. I just thought it was a bit odd and wanted to check how the Pi and Arduino communicated when following a profile. I’ll hook up the sensors when they arrive and test it again then. I’ll let you know if this issue persists.


It sounds like the arduino isn’t storing any of the settings. As @elco mentioned, this is because the eeprom needs initializing. Normally this is done by the programming script, but if that’s not been used then it has to be done by hand using the command above.