Beer temp lower than required

Is there a reason why my beer temp is being held 2 F lower than profile. notice when I changed the profile by 1 degree the beer temp went up, but still about 2 degrees lower that it should be. My BrewPi used to be a lot closer (+/- 1/2 degree F)

I havve a screen shot will attach if I can

Please show a chart with the fridge setpoint and give details about your hardware. I cannot say much based on just this chart. Zoom in a bit more to show just a few cycles too.

Unfortunately I cannot give you the requested information, as I have started on another fermentation. Good new is: alles schijnt weer goed te werken (or for the rest of the community - everything seems to be working correctly again)

You are still getting heating after cooling repeatedly. It looks like you changed the dead time (between switching heating/cooling) to be shorter. I recommend setting it back to at least 1800. Or is this on Arduino instead of the Spark? The algorithms are different on Arduino.

It is a Spark and I may have changed that number when I was playing around on the original problem. I will set it back.


Seems to be working really well now, amazing close to the profile temperature for the beer. Using a thermowell for the first time (instead of on the outside of my SS fermenting vessel) probably helps