Beer temp not displaying on graph

Hi everyone,

I finally completed my chest freezer fermentation chamber/keezer (build post to follow) and started fermenting my first batch beer with it over the weekend. I ran a test with the BrewPi over the course of a few days using a carboy filled with water and it worked like a dream. The temperature control seems to be working great right now too. I have it set to constant beer temp @ 64°F. However, this time, the beer temp doesn’t seem to display on the graph. It displays in the corner of the control page and on the LCD screen and if I track the mouse across the graph, it starts showing the temperature of the beer at the point in time the mouse hovers at in the legend at the side of the graph. But no green line. Has anyone else encountered this before? I have a screenshot I will add when I get to my laptop. Can’t figure out how to do it on mobile.

You can click on the names in the legend to turn lines on or off.

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Thank you Elco! I’ll give that a try when I get home. If it turns out to be that simple I’m going to feel like a real clown!