Beer temperature profile

When I save a new temp. profile, I can edit it and save it.

When I chose an older profile, open it for editing, it will not let me save it.

When the profile file is saved for the first time it is owned by www-data and works fine. After reboot this file’s owner is changed to pi. Then I can not save to it.

My questions are what is happening and what can I do about it? Perhaps change groups’ (www-data) file permissions?

I’ve had a very similar problem for pretty much as long as I’ve used brewpi (1.5 years or so). The only difference is that I’m not sure how consistent it is. Sometimes it seems that I am able to edit and save existing profiles but most of the time I run into the same problem you describe.

It’s an annoying bug, but I’ve just been waiting for the new software to come out and hoping that whatever is causing it no longer exists in the new codebase.

Roger, thanx!

  1. Do you, or anyone here, have an ETA for new software?
  2. When it happens, will we all be notified? Also update procedure?

I can say that I am enjoying my BrewPi. The “problem” here seems to be easily circumvented with a chmod 664 command. Any objections?