Benefit of separate SSR for fan

I have setup my Brew Pi Spark (Photon) yesterday and it works like a charm.

I have connected the fan in the fridge to a separate SSR and a separate output on the spark. The fan seems to turn on always when the cooling SSR is turned on too. I have no heating device in my fridge.

No I am wondering if there is any benefit of having the fan on a separate SSR, or could I just save an output and a SSR and connect the fan to the same SSR as the cooling?

If you just want to turn it on when cooling, you can also just wire it to the same SSR.
Some have reported to get better results by just running the fan on a low setting all the time.

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@Elco @chixxi
1+ for having the fan run all the time.

+1 running fan constantly. Doesnt need massive airflow or smarts.

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+1 for beeing able to configure that in the web interface :wink:

No, I think there is no need or at least no priority for that. “Always on” and “on when cooling” are easy to wire.