Best Methods for performing a free rise with brewpi

So if I want to perform a free rise for 65 to 75ish, would it be best to use fridge mode to maintain an ambient temp. If so what would be the best temp or should I just monitor it make sure the beer and adjust accordingly. If anyone has any experience doing a free rise with the brewpi I would appreciate the advice.

This would be a great function to implement

a start brewpi when temp gets to x.

but I think at the moment your only option is to turn all modes off and follow it till it gets to your desired temp and turns off.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking. Once at 65 set it to free rise and then it would come back on when it hit 75 to maintain the temp.

I’ve always done a controlled ramp where it says “Free rise” based on the idea that they say free rise because most people don’t have the ability to do a controlled one. I also worry about the repeatability of a free rise because it’ll vary greatly depending on the ambient (my brew isn’t allowed inside the house.) Just my .02.

Ok, i see where you are going with that. I actually wrote the yeast provider and told them what I was doing. He said just start and 65 and let it Free Rise, even after I told him I had full control over the fermentation.
So I can see where a good ambient temp could make a difference.