Best route to upgrade

So I have a Brewpi Photon that works really well.
It’s some time since I set it up and so on and I don’t need to fiddle with it so I don’t. Life was busy happening and has changed for me.
Now I find myself in possession of a Tilt hydrometer and would like to add the data to the Brewpi set.

So what is the easiest and safest way for someone like me who has less tinker time and less tech savvy than I used to have to get the data logged from the Tilt?
It would also be nice if I could separate the Pi from the Spark and link them by Wi-fi but not essential.
I have a Brewpi spark v2 photon linked to a RPi 2 but have a Pi3 and a zero somewhere from less successful projects. I suspect I’m on firmware 0.4.4 from the “must update” message.

Please be kind, I followed a few threads years ago but it seems things have moved on.

Step by step would be really nice, thanks alll.

The easiest way to upgrade will be to install the docker version of BrewPi on a new SD card as described here:

Integrating with the Tilt is not easy and not officially supported by us, so I would just use a separate pi for it until we have released the next version of BrewPi that will make it easier to integrate these third party services.

To update the firmware, using a docker container is probably the easiest way too:

Thanks. It works just great so I’ll leave it alone!

When I find an SD card I can try another image because the wi if connectivity would be handy though I am planning to move to a shed without Wi-fi. That is one of the cool things about the pi - easy to swap back.

I should probably back up my brew data from the SD too.