Better category names and descriptions

Hi @Elco,
Only a few categories here have descriptions about their intended subjects. Short of providing a description for each category, I’d like to suggest a category for “Plug-ins” or “3rd Party Code”. The idea is a place to post about software intended to work alongside BrewBlox, such as Tilt by @j616s. Perhaps the “Software Dev” category could be renamed?!

Since the “Troubleshooting” category already indicates it is a place to discuss BrewPi software, I don’t know what “Software Dev” is for. The existing posts seem to overlap with “Troubleshooting”.

Makes sense. I added the Plugins category, and added a description for Software Dev.

There’s always going to be some overlap between categories (and topics), but Software Dev is intended for discussions about how and what software is built.
If you’re getting errors while running brewblox-ctl update, Troubleshooting is the best fit. If you want to discuss how to best implement error handling and automatic retries in updates, you’ll want to use Software Dev.