Big Up ! (Vue & Quasar is awesome)

Hello folks,

I just received my Spark 3 hardware, made some few tests, I’m missing connecting the SSRs yet but I’ll dig into it when I find some docs around about how to connect these, BUT everything is running fine.

I also just noticed you use Vue and Quasar here (and python on the back), which I’m using as well for other projects. What nice technologies choices you did in here. I’m just proud to be able to control my fermentation (and more later for our brewery) using Quasar.

So Bob / Elco, continue the great stuff in here. I’ll try to PR sometime this year and the upcoming one when I’ll acquire more knowledge on the project and how it is built.

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Next step, redo BrewPi webpages, remove old docs (which is confusing) and having a maintained blog? (using Quasar as well ^^)

Cheers everyones, Big Up!

Happy to hear it works well =) as far as I know, we have some docs on SSRs. I’ll have a look when I’m at my PC.

We’re indeed very satisfied with the Vue / Typescript / Quasar combo in the front end. It offers a good balance of flexibility, ease of use, and static analysis. (If there’d only be a sane alternative to webpack…)

PRs are always very welcome. If you want more freedom of implementation, we also support runtime loading of plugins (see brewblox-plugin for examples).

The official brewblox website is in the works. We’re using Quasar (server side rendering this time). The plan is to officially release it at the same time the software officially becomes stable.

Edit: SSRs are part of the fridge hacking guide at

Cool incomes ongoing!

I agree for Quasar TS, I also contributed on this at the begining of TS integration (3kynox) ->

Thanks for the SSRs docs, I’ll hack a fridge now.

I’ll definitely find time this year and next one to contribute here. It will be also very useful for the brewery we’re opening here in Portugal which I’m just running everywhere for it currently (and my school learnings).

I’ll oftenly check what’s updated on BrewPi / Brewblox project in here.

Sharing my installation:

Any thoughts?