Brew day tip: wort + whisky shots

@glibersat and @vcavel joined me for brew day last Saturday. Brewing together with new people is great for learning from each other.

We had a great day and the beer (Amarillo Grapefruit Wit) is bubbling nicely now.

One thing I shared with my friends, that they had never heard of, was one of the treats of brew day: whisky + wort shots.
So to make sure no-one else misses out on this, here are the steps:

  1. When you are done mashing (after sparging and before boiling), draw off some sweet wort
  2. Pour a bit of whisky in appropriate glasses
  3. Add the sweet hot wort to the whisky
  4. Enjoy!

Wort + whisky shots are a bit like Irish coffee, but with the lovely taste of the grains in your brew. We used Ardbeg 10, which blended nicely with the wort. The witbier obviously didn’t have a complex grain bill. It’s even better when you brew an imperial stout.


I have to say, that was wort the shot trying this! :wink:



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Whooo Hoooo…

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