Brewblox as Greenhouse Controller?

I have used a previous-gen Brewblox for a small fermentation controller and had great success. We are considering repurposing one of the structures on our farm as a greenhouse/grow house and while looking at aftermarket purpose-built greenhouse controllers, it seems that Brewblox has a better interface as well as far superior control (PID versus thermostatic) than the systems I have found so far…

Is there any reason I shouldn’t consider using a Brewblox Spark 4 to run my greenhouse environment controller other than the onewire sensor length limitations?

I’m not very familiar with what it takes to run a greenhouse. Is it purely based on temperature, or are other sensor values (humidity?) required input for control?

How would networks be handled? Does the greenhouse have wifi or ethernet access, or would you need to place a dedicated router / switch between the server (Pi) and the Spark? Would this dedicated router have internet access, or would you need to bring the system into the house for software updates?

On the whole, I expect a Spark can be happily used to control a greenhouse, but much depends on the size and location of the greenhouse.

Mostly just temperature and in my case, maybe three different zones. Sensors in each and outputs to control fans to move air around to adjust temp. The output for primary heating will be a simple duct damper and fan.
Cooling is likely to involve an output to control a water supply valve to evaporative panels as well. I don’t anticipate the need to control humidity, as the greenhouse will contain plenty of water.
The entire space will be wired with ethernet (I’ll configure as a VLAN) and constant internet access. Wifi available as well if needed.

That sounds like something the Spark can control just fine.

The PID settings likely require some adjustments. The beerless fridge wizard may be a decent starting point.