Brewblox chamber minimum temperature

I’ve been using the Brewblox setup for a couple of brews now with the classic BrewPi setup and it has been working brilliantly but now I am cold crashing a brew to 4°C and with the fridge offset to the default -10°C to 10°C the fridge temperature is being set to -6°C which, being a fridge, it cannot get to. The cooling PID then stays at 100% and holds the fridge on.

For now I have just set a temperature profile to ramp down and reduce overshoot but I’d like to be able to set to 4°C and leave it be. Is there a way to set a minimum chamber temperature? I seem to remember having a setting for this is the pre-brewblox days.

We don’t have an absolute minimum. You can set a relative minimum on the setpoint driver or switch to a constant fridge temperature by disabling the beer setpoint.