BrewBlox + Classic Arrangment + 2413

I have a weird thing happening since the last 2 updates (6/24 and most 7/1). After each update have removed all blocks and reran the classic arrangement wizard. I have a DS2413 controlling my Heating Element and my Fridge Cooling. My Cooling is on Pin A and Heating on Pin B. When the Fermentation Control sets Pin B (heat) to “ON” it is also switching my Pin A (cool) to “ON”. When the Fermentation Control sets Pin A to “ON”, the behavior is normal (only turns on Pin A). This also happens if I turn off all of the Fermentation Control PIDs, PWMs, etc. and manually activate Pin B. It seems to be something related to the Mutex or something, because if I remove all of the blocks and just add the DS2413 device, I can manually activate each as normal. The previous update (pre 6/24) was working as intended.

Note not sure if relevant: both pins are Inverted.

Can you export your blocks?

Do you have a custom made DS2413 board?
I just tested with our DS2413 based boards and it works as expected.

The implementation changed a bit though. The DS2413 has latches that pull the output pin to GND.

The active state now means that the pull-down is enabled. On our own boards, the connector that goes to the SSR has the positive terminal permanently connected to 5V. The negative terminal is pulled to GND when active and pulled up to 5V by a resistor when inactive.

I will export my blocks in a bit. I actually have an Arduino emulating a ds2413. It worked fully 2 updates ago, and it works as expected before setting up the classic arrangement wizard. I should mention that this is happening in the brewblox ui as well. So, when Pin B is set to on, in the UI I see Pin A being turned on also after a second or so delay (and the device follows).

Ok, now this is strange. Last night I was able to recreate this behavior after removing all blocks and re-doing the arrangement wizard. Now, this morning, I deleted all blocks and did the arrangement wizard and it seems to be working as intended now… I will try to recreate this issue…

That is something worth mentioning when you report a bug…

Now, when I enable the Beer Control, the Pins are enabling in the UI independently, but they are stuck with the loading symbols with the Mutex Contraint in Red. I have changed the Mutex delay to 10s, but no matter what (even after a reboot, disabling controls/PIDs and re-enabling, passing filter), the Pins will not activate. Even if I turn off the Beer Control, and try to activate the Pins manually, they are not activating (again with the Mutex in Red).

You may want to try deleting the mutex, creating a new one, and assigning your actuators to the new one.

Meanwhile we’ll try and reproduce the problem here.

This would still help.

brewblox-blocks-spark-one (1).json (6.1 KB)

In the UI the DS2413 says “Connected: Yes”, but in the export file, it has false after the connected bit, not sure if relevant.

Must be my emulated 2413. I changed the cool and heat to the spark pins and it seems to switch ok. I also created new actuators for the 2413 pins without any mutex contraints. And there is a waiting symbol for the off position (or on position if I invert). I will have to do some debugging when I return from a trip next week.

I had the emulated 2413 because I wanted a single connecting wire to go to my control box which has my relays and temp probes, and I did not have any 2413 chips on hand. The emulated device worked through all of my testing I did with regular arduino sketches and brewblox pre 6/24.

The ds2413 sends the upper 4 bits inverted which is used to check that the data is valid. Sounds like the emulation is lacking some things.

We sell plug and play SSR mountable boards which can drive 2 SSRs and have extra room to plug 3 temp sensors for 14 euro. Doesn’t seem worth the trouble to mess with the Arduino emulated one to me.
I have many more important things to do myself and I think your time is probably more valuable too than the cost of this board.

I would agree but you double that cost for shipping to the USA. I’ll have to build my own board with a real 2413. A shame though because I have to keep the Arduino for my rf24 ispindel anyway.

They can ship as postal mail for the cost of a few stamps if you are not in a hurry.

Oh, did not realize that. Done and ordered.