BrewBlox Cool PWN question


I’ve got BrewBlox up and running and a ferment in progress. What’s happened is the solid state relay I’m using (10A) doesn’t appear to be able to supply the initial power requirements of my fridge and it cuts out.
The end result is that BrewBlox has learned the wrong data for cooling (Frement Cool PWN?) as the cooling wasn’t working correctly when it was turning the fridge on.

My question is what is the best way of getting the system to relearn how my cooling / heating setup works?

The PID only “learns” what happened during its filter period. Otherwise it’s purely adjusting to what’s actually happening.

You may need to tweak Kp and Ti, but those are manual settings, and not auto-adjusted by the PID.

If you’re impatient you can reset the PID integrator, and fast-forward the filter in the Setpoint. Both are done in widget settings (spark service page, show Cool PID and beer setpoint, click on cogwheel buttons).