Brewblox for Fermentation and BIAB brewing

Hello, I have just updated my Spark 2 with the new Brewblox software, installation was smooth. Created a fermentation fridge setup and initial tests are working well. I now want to setup a dashboard for my brewing process, a very simple single vessel BIAB setup.
Question is do I need a second Spark (which I already have) to be able to control the two processes simultaneously ? If so can the raspberry handle both sparks at once ? Can it communicate with them via wifi or do they need to be connected via USB. Thank you

A single Spark can handle your fermentation + BIAB setup with room to spare.

Yes, you can connect multiple Sparks to the same Pi, and control them using the same UI.

Yes, Wifi is fully supported for controlling Sparks. For some firmware updates you need to connect the Spark via USB, but that’s only for the update itself.

Thank you for your fast reply !

I will try out your suggestions… So when is it convenient to use more than one Spark?

When the setups are more than 2m apart, I would recommend using 2 Sparks instead of long cables.

Thank you Elco, so that would be my case. I will test and see where I’ll need more help.