BrewBlox for production with Tilt?

I’m still running an older spark v3 firmware (0.5.2) and brewpi docker implementation (I can’t seem to find the version I’m actually running for the web ui, which seems a bit odd) on a rpi that uses the brewometer implementation for integrating a Tilt with the brewpi graphs. Before I really dig into upgrading all the firmware, software, and all that jazz does anyone know if there is a tilt integration that’s currently supported with all the new stuff? It doesn’t look like the brewometer repo has been updated for months so I’m assuming it hasn’t been refactored for the new architecture. Additionally, is BrewBlox ready for prime time? Last I saw a while back was that testers really liked it but did not recommend it for real world use.


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BrewBlox is still very much a work in progress. Don’t expect a ‘prime time’ release for a good while. As I understood there will be much better integration of 3rd party hardware with BrewBlox.

At least you’re still up and running with your Tilt integration. Count your blessings. :+1:t2: I made the mistake of updating to latest brewpi code and no amount of hacking has got the Tilt integration working again. Though I had a backup of the old code - but didn’t… stupidly.

Very interested in getting BrewBlox set up in the next month or two and maybe figuring out how to write the block for the Tilt (and maybe Blichmann Eng. Tower of Power if I can get the software serial comms protocol cmd specs for it.)