Brewblox install failing

I am doing a fresh install of BrewBlox and the process kicks out what i assume is a docker issue. Ive attached an output of my terminal. Im not sure what is going on or how to proceed.

BrewbloxInstall.txt (113.5 KB)

If memory serves, this can be resolved by rebooting the Pi before running brewblox-ctl install again.

Rebooting the Pi did not work. I went and got the latest release of Raspbian Lite and installed again with success. Now my spark will not connect to the service. The spark is configured for wifi and has an IP on display. The spark and the Pi are on the same subnet. When I try to visit the spark’s IP I get an error for refusing to connect and the same when i use “brewblox-ctl http get” I am able to ping the Spark’s IP from the PI. Also i noticed my spark still displays the old settings from my last brewblox install

During startup, which software version does your Spark report on-screen?

If you link the Pi and Spark over USB, is it then able to connect? (do check whether it’s not using --device-host in config).

The Spark has its own memory, and will have retained blocks from your previous install. You can clear controller blocks on the service page (after this connection weirdness has been figured out).