Brewblox install on a Synology NAS offical guide

I’m creating a new topic for instructions to install Brewblox on a Synology NAS so I can keep this post up-to-date with the latest instructions.

Here are my notes from my latest install:

  1. Docker
    Install docker from the package center.

  2. Official python3 package
    Install python3 package from the official synology packages. This is needed for wheels

  3. Unofficial newer python 3 package
    Download the latest python 3.6 here: The official python 3 package is too old.
    To install the downloaded file, click ‘Manual Install’ in the package center (top right)

  4. Alias for python3
    Create an alias for python3 in ~/.bashrc, so you’ll always use this newer package. The path for your installed package might be different, please verify it.
    echo "alias python3=/volume1/@appstore/python3/bin/python3" >> .bashrc
    Reload .bashrc:
    source ~/.bashrc
    Now test whether it works:
    python3 --version

  5. Upgrade pip
    python3 -m pip install --user --upgrade pip

  6. Install brewblox-ctl
    python3 -m pip install --user --upgrade brewblox-ctl

  7. Create an alias for brewblox-ctl
    echo "alias brewblox-ctl=\"python3 -m brewblox_ctl\"" >> ~/.bashrc

  8. Install brewblox:
    brewblox-ctl install --no-docker-user --no-reboot

This post is a Wiki. You can welcome to improve the instructions while you try them!


I think for most people with smaller sized Synology servers this will be volume1.

Yes probably. I’ll make that the default. I have a 4 bay NAS, don’t know why it is volume2 for me.