BrewBlox Installed flawlessly..but!

Hi everyone

Last night I installed the RPI3b up with BrewBlox, everything was very well documented and just went as smooth as I hoped for. So thumbs up for such a great guidance.

Once I had it up and running, I could see that I need to install alot of widgets, and via that configure my system. The idea is great, but I dont have a clear picture in my head how it should be connected. (guess I miss the structural overview)

Are there any guidance written on connecting widgets. Trig made a overview of he’s block relations in Brewblox assistence, but I had no intention of stealing that thread for my issue.

a “standard” herms setup
a “standard” fridge setup

would point me in the right direction for a start, then I could allways later adjust it to my specific needs.

Again great job on the software, it looks really nice. everything worked right ouf of the box, with all sensors etc.

Have a great day!

Happy to hear the installation went well.

A standard fridge setup can be found under wizardry -> arrangements -> brewpi classic.
We’re working on adding more of these wizards, including one for herms.


Any idea when you are going to add some (basic?) documentation for the Wigets generated by the wizards e.g. the fridge one has a cooling PWM, which seems counterintuative as surely it does not pulse the fridge compressor?

EDIT: I am very impressed so far but documentation for widgets would be very helpful as you release the wizards.

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Thank you Bob, ill take a look on that.

When it comes to documentation for end users, we’re actively trying to avoid textual info dumps - the basic assumption is that nobody reads them.

The PID widget is a proof of concept for how we’d like to “explain” all Spark block types.
You’re right in that arrangement wizards could use some explanation of what’s being generated, and how/why the parts are related.

The cooling PWM does pulse the fridge compressor, but with a 30m period.

Thanks Bob. The cooling PWM also makes a bit more sense with that explanation too.

Hi Bob, is basic fermenter (connected to chiller and heater) on the wizard to-do? And if so any idea of time-line?



You can find it under ‘Arrangement’

Perfect - many thanks. Now just the automated HERMS and I will be in full operation.

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