BrewBlox- Old Graph Data Sources and some quirks ive found

Hi All

First of all, love the new interface. been a user of brewpi for a while now, ive been getting my moneys worth out of it by not only making beer - it makes for an excellent sous vide controller. ive been stealthily been watching the progress of brewblox from a distance before i made the move.

when i first login to the interface i setup the names of the one wire temp sensors so i know which ones to choose when im running the arrangement wizard to give me the classic brewpi dashboard. after the wizard is run ive noticed that they have been renamed to something else and i end up with the old and new names as an option in the graph for data sources. when ive played around with things ive ended up with quite a few different ones. is there any way to delete the old data sources to keep it clean? or is there a way that the names are arbitrary and the actual data sources are linked to and follow the device id eg temp sensor address, bottom pin 1 etc no matter what the old/name is?

is there an easy way to purge everything and start again without killing the docker containers, uninstalling brewblox and deleting the /brewblox folder? ive been playing around a fair bit to get my head around it and a few times now ive broken it, couldnt figure out what ive done wrong so ive started again.

is there a way to reset the spark to defaults? i had set some stuff up on the screen and it was still there when i reinstalled brewblox. brewblox picked up the config from the controller and i ended up with a while bunch of UNKNOWN|Bottom Pin 1, UNKNOWN|Something something PID blocks. it took me a while to figure out that it was pulling them from the controller.

during the setup i found that i had to set the following variables otherwise i’d get timeout errors while it was setting up the containers, the default 60 seconds wasn’t enough on my rPi. 10 mins is probably a bit extreme but i set it to 2mins, then 3 and then i cracked it and set it to 10.



Happy to hear you like the software.
As to your questions:

The Classic BrewPi wizard does rename existing pins and sensors. In the first step of the wizard you can choose the names it will give to all blocks and widgets.

While you can’t delete old names/values in history, the Graph/Metric selector will only let you choose from fields that have been updated in the last day (24h). Check back tomorrow, and you shouldn’t see the old names in the metric selection tree.

The history doesn’t really know anything about “blocks”. It just receives the data point “spark-one/sensor-name/value[degC] = 10”. It will not combine data from before and after you changed a name.

The quickest way to reset your system is to delete all your dashboards (but not your services), and then go the Spark service page, click on Actions, and choose “Remove all Blocks”. This will remove all your blocks on the Spark, and reset the system blocks to default values.

You can remove your history, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The old values will disappear after a while anyway.

You’re correct that UNKNOWN|XYZ blocks are blocks that exist on the controller, but are not known to the service. (The service stores their name. The controller just uses a number ID).

Some people indeed need to set those timeout values. It’s not common enough for us to add to default settings, but I’ll make a note to add it to a “common problems” section in the documentation.