Brewblox on proxmox server

After having had som SD issues and recently I have set up home assistant on a proxmox server the idea came to me…
Can I setup brewblox in a separate VM on proxmox?? And is there any good description on doing this??

If you can deploy an Ubuntu VM that can run docker, that would be the easiest.

Then our normal getting started guide applies.

Typical install instructions would be to set up your VM, and then follow our install guide. We try and have very few dependencies on the host machine, but there are four areas of concern:

  • Can it run Docker containers?
  • Is the aptitude package manager available?
  • Can it access USB devices?
  • Is it compatible with mDNS (automatically discovering Wifi devices)?

If the aptitude (apt-get) package manager is not available, you may have to find another way to install the small number of required packages. (brewblox-ctl install lists these if it can’t use apt-get) Synology users already deal with this, so we already support this workflow. For debian/ubuntu VM images, I expect aptitude to be available. suggests that you can run Docker in proxmox if you enable the ‘nesting’ feature. describes the process for forwarding USB devices to your VM. It’s not exactly plug-n-play, but seems well enough supported.

The first page of google doesn’t have a clear y/n answer on avahi-daemon (mDNS) compatibility, but it looks like a yes. If it isn’t compatible, you’ll just have to manually set the device IP address.

Thanks guy’s i installed a headless ubuntu server version and followed the normal installation from point 4…
It worked great, no I just need to move over my latest backup an connect to my existing spark…

just moved the backup over, it work perfect!!

So brewblox on proxmox is no problem…