BrewBlox possibly not logging data

Team BrewPi,
Do you have any ideas why my Ferment Fridge graph widget has no data?
After hitting refresh an error “no data (yet) for selected period” displays on the graph.

I would’ve added a log, however the brewblox-ctl log command returns “No such command “log””?

Thanks :frowning:

There are multiple possible explanations for the graph not showing data. The log output would indeed help.

Errors about the log command are likely solved by navigating to the brewblox directory first.

Thanks Bob, yeah that would make sense. It would indeed help if details like this were included in the instructions to pull the log :wink:

here ya go…
brewblox.log (198.2 KB)

Then I have a magic trick for you:

sudo pip3 install -U brewblox-ctl
cd ..
brewblox-ctl log

Your logs seem ok - there have been a few hiccups the second half of september, but nothing recently.

In the UI, what period do you have selected? Does the problem persist if you try to view the last 10 minutes?

Well I guess that’s good news. Not sure what the interval was to start, but the problem persists when changing it to 10min. WOuld screen shots help?

Could you please open your dev console (ctrl + shift + i), go to the network tab, and refresh the page? (With your graph in view)

In the list with requests, you should see an entry that starts with values?duration10m&fields=.
Click on that, and you should see an EventStream tab. Please take a screenshot of that.

If the request is colored red, please take a screenshot of the response tab.

Well this is annoying… I don’t know why, but after hitting refresh the graph has decided to show itself… and for the record it wasn’t the first time I hit refresh either :confused: weird, just weird.

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And of course, thank you so much for your help :slight_smile: