Brewblox release 2020/05/04

After updating I no longer have readings from the semperature sensors not even recognising new ones.

Usually that means there is a faulty OneWire device. If you unplug them all, then plug them in one by one, you may be able to isolate it.

For a Spark 3, also check that in the Spark Pins widget the 5V for peripherals is enabled.
You can toggle it to power cycle connected boards and sensors, but it should be on all the time for normal use.

Thanks for the fast replies. It was indeed a faulty OneWire device that was correctly plugged.

Positive update - everything running smoothly after the latest upgrade, the GUI is not even complaining that it cannot read sensor input (historically it always complained even though when you check it elsewhere temps were fine)…making great progress! Thanks!


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