Brewblox release 2020/10/29

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Brewblox release 2020/10/29

firmware release date: 2020/10/11

On recent versions of iOS, browsers refuse to connect to WebSockets that use a self-signed SSL certificate, even if the user explicitly marks the certificate as trusted.
Brewblox uses self-signed SSL certificates and WebSockets, making this a problem.

It appears that Apple has no intentions of fixing this bug anytime soon, so we implemented a workaround on our side.
We originally switched to HTTPS-only because of technical limitations imposed by browsers on HTTP connections.

This workaround doesn’t fix WebSockets over HTTPS, but it enables using the UI over HTTP.
If you are using an iOS device, then the UI should be functional when using HTTP.
If you are using anything else, either HTTP or HTTPS will work.

As a bonus, we improved UI load times for everyone.


  • (feature) Made the UI functional when using HTTP.
  • (feature) Disabled automatic redirection of HTTP to HTTPS.
  • (fix) Fixed datastore check when UI loads.
    • Still not 100% sure whether this solves all variants of the problem.
  • (improve) Reduced UI startup time.
  • (api) Renamed /history/query/* routes to /history/history/*.
    • /history/query/* is still supported for now, but will be deprecated in a future update.
  • (fix) brewblox-ctl snapshot load now makes sure the target directory exists before extracting the archive.

Hi Bob,
thanks for that quick fix (as usual). Everything fine on my iPad again.

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