Brewblox release 2020/11/03

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Brewblox release 2020/11/03

firmware release date: 2020/11/02

A smaller release again, prompted by us fixing a critical bug.

Also included is the option to show older fields in the Graph settings.
By default, only fields that published data the last 24h are included.
You can now check the “include old fields” option to show any and all fields that ever published to the history database.


  • (feature) Graph settings now have a toggle button to show all fields present in the database (including stale ones).
  • (feature) Blocks now have a toolbar action to add their fields to a Graph widget.
  • (improve) When choosing a new block for one of the LCD screen display slots, you will also be asked to update its label.
  • (improve) In Quickstart wizards, improved visibility for the section that lets you choose block names.
  • (fix) Fixed a bug in firmware where setting a 100hz PWM to 0 did not turn off the actuator.

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