Brewblox release 2021/09/13

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Brewblox release 2021/09/13

firmware release date: 2021-09-13

The first batch of Spark orders have been handed over to FedEx, and with this release, the Spark 4 is live.


  • (feature) Added the OneWire GPIO Module block and widget.
  • (feature) Added a step to Quick Start wizards for setting pin assignments for GPIO channels (if any).
  • (feature) Added timezone setting to admin page. For now, this setting is only relevant for the Spark 4 display.
  • (documentation) Updated documentation to reflect differences between Spark 2/3 and 4:
    • The Spark 4 does not support USB connections. (Ethernet and Wifi only).
    • Spark 4 Wifi configuration is done using Bluetooth and the “ESP BLE Provisioning” Android/iOS app.
    • The Spark 4 never requires a separate bootloader flash.
  • (dev) Updated block data types for all IoArray blocks. This is not a breaking change when loading backups.
  • (improve) The controller will now attempt to automatically recover from OneWire errors caused by faulty devices.
  • (improve) Under the hood, there are significant changes to the shared firmware code. These shouldn’t be noticeable.

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