Brewblox release 2021/09/20

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Brewblox release 2021/09/20

firmware release date: 2021-09-20

This release includes an important bugfix for Spark 4 firmware,
and a re-implementation of the brewblox-ctl wifi command.


  • (feature) The brewblox-ctl wifi command works again.
    • For Spark 2 / 3, it triggers listening mode (blue blinking LED), and starts the built-in Wifi wizard.
    • For Spark 4, it prints instructions for Wifi provisioning over bluetooth.
  • (feature) GPIO pin layout (- / + / GND / PWR) is now shown in the GPIO channel editor and widget.
  • (feature) brewblox-ctl update now also tries to run sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade.
  • (improve) brewblox-ctl add-spark / add-tilt / add-node-red add-plaato now show a confirmation prompt if the service already exists.
  • (improve) Added --discovery=lan as alias to --discovery=wifi for Spark service configuration.
  • (fix) Spark 4 GPIO channels no longer affect other pins on the GPIO module.