Brewblox release 2021/10/29 (Updated 2021/11/02)

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Brewblox release 2021/10/29

firmware release date: 2021-10-29 2021-11-01

Multiple users have recently reported frequent hangups. This is something we’re actively working on, but so far have failed to consistently reproduce.
We identified two prime suspects in the firmware code, and fixed or improved the code there. This includes the mDNS implementation, and the display rendering code.

Under the hood, brewblox-ctl was split in two parts: the generic brewblox-ctl, and the release-specific brewblox-ctl-lib. This complicated releases, and required us to split the installation process in two commands: brewblox-ctl install, and brewblox-ctl setup.
We’ve now unified brewblox-ctl, and switched to installing brewblox-ctl and all its dependencies in the Brewblox directory itself. This makes the installation process cleaner and reduces the need for custom steps on non-standard platforms like Synology.
A minimal wrapper script is placed in $HOME/.local/bin or /usr/local/bin to keep the brewblox-ctl a valid command.

For fresh installs we created a downloadable install script at
The startup guide provides the commands to download and execute it.
Once you have installed Brewblox, you can reinstall it by removing the Brewblox directory, and running brewblox-ctl install.

For existing installs, brewblox-ctl update will automatically migrate your system.

Important: if you manually created a bash alias for the brewblox-ctl command, you will need to remove or update it

Update 2021/11/02:
Released a hotfix that includes additional firmware bugfixes. We’re pretty sure we’ve now solved the glitches on the Spark 4, and confident that it solves at least some of the hangups on the Spark 2/3.


  • (feature) Unified brewblox-ctl and its shared library (brewblox-ctl-lib).
  • (feature) Merged brewblox-ctl install and brewblox-ctl setup.
  • (feature) Added downloadable script to simplify first-time installation.
  • (feature) The Logic Actuator can now be enabled/disabled as part of a Quick Action.
  • (improve) Reduced the Spark service docker image in size.
  • (fix) Resolved an issue where temperature unit settings would not be applied correctly if timezone was not specified.
  • (fix) The Setpoint Profile display part in Builder now shows the correct current value.
  • (fix) Restored “Import layout” to the Builder action menu.
  • (fix) Made MDNS implementation on Spark 2 and 3 more robust.
  • (fix) Resolved yield in display DMA completion wait function on Spark 3.
  • (fix) Fixed display glitches on the Spark 4 when ethernet is connected.

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