Brewblox release 2022/11/23

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Brewblox release 2022/11/23

firmware release date: 2022-11-22

After the previous release, we spent some time fixing the inevitable issues that crop up after a big release.
Things have settled down again, and we started work on UI improvements.

Block status icons

Blocks are rendered in multiple places throughout the UI, but often without a clear indication of whether the block is active.
To remedy this, we introduced status dots that use traffic light colors to indicate whether a block is Active, Inactive, Invalid or Disabled.

  • Green → Active → block has valid output.
  • Orange → Inactive → input or claiming block is Invalid or Disabled.
  • Red → Invalid → block configuration must be fixed (is there no link to input/output block?).
  • Grey → Disabled → block is disabled by user.

The behavior remains the same, but it’s now easy to spot that a PWM is Inactive because the Setpoint is Disabled.

Status dots are shown in the relations diagram and in Builder parts that are linked to blocks.
In future updates, we’ll also introduce them in block widgets, along with UI components that explain why the block is not Active.


  • (feature) Added the brewblox-ctl esptool command. This wraps, and is a management tool for the ESP32 chips found in the Spark 4.
  • (feature) Tilt services can now directly sync temperatures to Temp Sensor (External) blocks.
  • (feature) The Spark relations diagram and Builder parts now show a status dot for blocks.
  • (feature) Reworked multiple Builder parts to have a more consistent layout.
  • (improve) brewblox-ctl up now ignores the -d option. It always calls docker-compose up -d.
  • (improve) Removed the somewhat confusing --force/-f flag from brewblox-ctl add-spark / add-tilt / add-node-red. Commands now prompt to say they’ll create/overwrite.
  • (improve) Added a confirmation dialog when closing the Sequence editor with unsaved changes.
  • (improve) Editing Builder parts or PID input will now open a dialog for the (input) block itself, not the claiming block.
  • (improve) History now immediately writes received data to the database.
  • (improve) The PID now more predictably opens its input block dialog.
  • (remove) The --write-interval for the history service is removed because all data is written immediately.
  • (fix) Removed bugged folder creation functionality from the dashboard wizard.
  • (fix) Builder flows now re-render when a soft start actuator is toggled.
  • (fix) The Spark 2/3 display now re-renders when the display temperature unit is changed.
  • (fix) Fixed graph sidepanel for the Temp Sensor (External) block widget.
  • (fix) The Quick Actions widget now automatically updates actions that edited the “enabled” field for Setpoint blocks.
  • (fix) The Quick Actions widget no longer sometimes erronously converts actions from F to C on startup. The conversion has become a manual action.

Just did the update.

  • I still have the Quick Actions Widget erroneously covering from F to C.
  • I still have the setpoint not displaying in the graph. Also, that value is missing from the corresponding PID graph. It does show up in the list of selectable values to graph, and displays properly on the graph notes of a Session Log.
  • I cannot load the Spark Service block diagrams (relations?)

Could you please run brewblox-ctl log? What is the UI build date? (Admin page → debug)
Admin page doesn’t load. Only the dashboards load.
I was able to type this in the address bar: https://brewblox.local/ui/admin
Build date is 2022-11-23T16:08:45.555Z.
After visiting that URL, now the spark service block diagrams load fine.

I found that the setpoint was not selected in the graph widget. Once selected, it displayed fine, although it lost its custom name.

Input target is still missing from the Cool PID graph, though. Heat PID has Input target.

Logs look fine. The UI symptoms, with the exception of the graph issue, sound like it was still loading a cached version, and it served the new one when you navigated to the admin page. If other pages still have issues, try a hard refresh (ctrl-F5).

We’re having some problems with the database and missing fields atm. If in the graph selection, you change the value for “fields hidden after” to 300d and back, does the input then appear?

Pages are all fine now, since loading that URL.
When changing that field to 300d, the graph and the PID were fixed.
The setpoint had been non-existent for 2 days when it was hidden. The hide value was set to 1d.
I never noticed that setting before.
Weird that it affected the PID graph.

Still have the degrees C showing up in the quick actions.

Quick Actions C <-> F conversion is now a manual action, accessed from the widget actions (triple dot menu).

The graph thing is a history database bug. For more details: Troubleshooting | Brewblox

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Got the units sorted. Thanks!
I’ll look into that link.

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