Brewblox release 2022/12/06

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Brewblox release 2022/12/06

firmware release date: 2022-11-22

For this release, we improved how data is stored in Brewblox.
Spark services now regularly export block data to file, making it easy to restore blocks after reinstalling the system or resetting the controller.

Automatic block backups

All Brewblox configuration data is stored in the brewblox/ directory, with the exception of the Spark blocks, which are stored on the controller.
This meant that you wanted to restore your system from a snapshot, you needed to run brewblox-ctl backup save before creating the snapshot. Likewise, you needed to create regular backups to recover data if a controller broke or had to have its flash memory wiped.

To reliably create data backups before you need them, the Spark service now automatically generates backups. The backups are stored in brewblox/spark/backup/{service}, and will be automatically included in snapshots.

A new backup is created five minutes after service startup, and then every hour. The filename includes the date. This means a new file will be created every day, and that the latest file will be overwritten every hour.

You can load, create, download, and upload backup files using the Controller backups Spark service action (found in the admin page).

If you have loaded a backup from a controller with different OneWire sensors, you can use the Swap OneWire address action in the Temp Sensor (OneWire) block to link the named sensor block with the physically present sensor.

Builder changes

We made some changes to how Builder parts are rendered. Some of these changes are instantly noticeable, and some of them will be used in future releases.

Builder parts that have no pipes now allow for more freedom in scaling. Height and width are adjustable, and the part will be rendered inside the available area while preserving aspect ratio.

A 1x1 element such as Display: PID will be centered in a 2x1 part, and scaled in a 2x2 part.

Additionally, parts can now have multiple interaction (click) handlers.
For now, this results in being able to edit Fridge / Kettle labels without having to visit the editor page.
We’re looking at various other parts, such as the Conical, that would benefit from having inline displays of multiple blocks.


  • (feature) The Spark service now automatically generates backup files.
    • A new file is created every day.
    • The latest backup file is overwritten every hour.
    • Files are stored in brewblox/spark/backup/{service}.
    • To load or create backup files, use the Controller backups Spark service action.
  • (feature) The Kettle / Fridge labels are now editable by clicking on the top row of the part.
  • (feature) Replaced scaling with width/height sliders for Builder parts. Aspect ratio is preserved for parts that can’t be stretched. Affected parts:
    • Beer bottle
    • Conical
    • Display: PID
    • Display: PWM
    • Display: Setpoint
    • Display: Setpoint Driver
    • Display: Setpoint Profile
    • Display: Temp Sensor
    • Display: Tilt
    • Keg
  • (improve) Changed background color to a neutral dark on all UI notifications to improve readability.
  • (fix) Quick Actions correctly store the new value for actions with confirmed values.
  • (fix) Various input fields and dialogs now correctly handle null values.
  • (remove) Removed the “export pin names” Spark service action.
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my “Display: Metrics” builder part seem to be broken after the update. data is showing up on MQTT explorer, Node-Red and Grafana (after a refresh of the queries), just not in the metric builder piece.
tried to recreate the metrics with no luck. Just gives an empty block. I have several of these parts in the kettle, and tried to put the border around them to make the part visible, but I can’t even show the border. I also had two “Label: Text” parts that are exhibiting the same empty block behavior. These were all working before the update.

additionally I can’t seem to show the border around my temperature displays (near the chiller in screenshot), but that was occurring before the update.


Do graphs still work as expected?

If you toggle between http and https for the UI, does this resolve the issues?

Edit: your logs for spark-two show quite a few connects / disconnects for OneWire devices. It’s very unlikely to be related, but if that wasn’t you plugging/unplugging devices multiple times, you may want to check it out.

graphs still work as do metric blocks

occurs with http and https

I saw the ds2413 disconnects they are on the cold side spark, but ill check the cable and see if I have an extra to swap out to try and eliminate the disconnects.

Could you please export your builder layout?

I can reproduce the issue with the sensor display borders here, but not the metrics. Maybe there’s some legacy data not being considered.

brewblox-brewery_layout_3.0.1-layout.json (29.0 KB)

What is the UI build date? (admin page → debugging)
What OS / browser / version are you using?
Does the problem reproduce on different browsers / operating systems?

build date: 2022-12-06T16:37:22.942Z

currently on MacOS/safari/16.0

can check on piOS down in the brewery.

Edit 1: Everything is working on piOS.
Edit 2: Error reproduces on iOS 16.1.1/safari
Edit 3: MacOS/chrome works… seems to be a safari thing.

Safari’s support for SVG is rather underwhelming at times. It looks like the issue reproduces as well in the Safari-like browser available on Linux. I’ll have a look at getting it fixed.

Ok cool. Not that big of a deal considering it’s confined to safari. Thanks for looking into it.

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