Brewblox release 2022/12/14

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Brewblox release 2022/12/14

firmware release date: 2022-11-22

This is a smaller release that includes a workaround for a bug in the history database.

Sometimes, field presence and graph data are not returned in queries. No data is lost, and the field will reappear when the database refreshes its cache.
The problem is still rather annoying, as it causes one or more graph fields to go inexplicably missing for extended periods.

The bug itself is something that has to be fixed by the database vendor.
This release includes a workaround on our side that should reduce or resolve the problem.

If you continue to have problems with missing fields or graph data, please let us know.


  • (feature) Graph widgets can now import their settings from Session Log graphs. This is a one-time copy of settings.
  • (improve) PWM pumps in the Builder now open the PWM dialog on interact, not just a value dialog.
  • (fix) Applied a workaround for the history bug where graph fields would go missing for extended periods.
  • (fix) The Metrics Display part now renders correctly in Safari browsers.
  • (fix) The Temp Sensor Display part now correctly shows its border.
  • (fix) Fixed an issue where the border setting for Builder parts could not be toggled.
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