Brewblox release 2023/01/26

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Brewblox release 2023/01/26

firmware release date: 2023-01-27

After some technical tweaks, we can now properly render graphs in Builder layouts - without the graph being reloaded when a neighboring valve opens.

As an added bonus, copy / cut / paste keyboard shortcuts are now supported in the Builder editor.
You can also use this to copy or move parts between layouts.


  • (feature) Added the Display: Graph Builder part.
  • (feature) Added the Display: iframe Builder part.
  • (feature) Copy / cut / paste keyboards shortcuts are now supported in the Builder editor.
  • (improve) The Builder is now much more precise in determining what parts should be re-rendered when settings are changed.
  • (improve) The “Import layout” and “New layout” actions are now shown in more locations.
  • (improve) The Sequence line parser now raises an error when a delta temperature value is used in an absolute temperature field, and vice versa.
  • (improve) When picking up Builder parts, the cursor is now centered instead of in the top-left square.
  • (docs) Removed obsolete sections from Tilt service documentation.
  • (fix) Resolved an issue where the Spark service would fail to parse some blocks when generating backups.
  • (fix) Blocks now immediately unclaim their target when disabled in a Sequence instruction.
  • (fix) The UI no longer redirects to a 404 page when removing the current Builder layout.

Released a firmware hotfix for a bug where the PID D component would be adjusted to the negative limit.

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