Brewblox release 2024/02/23

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Brewblox release 2024/02/23

firmware release date: 2024/02/23

For this release, we’ve focused on fixing bugs and updating dependencies.

The website has a new look and feel, and now supports both light and dark mode.
We also reorganized the pages slightly to make the sidebar index more intuitive.

For our Python services, we decided to switch from Aiohttp to FastAPI.
This simplified the code greatly, to the point where the shared brewblox-service dependency is no longer useful. We updated brewblox-boilerplate accordingly.

This change to how services are built also changed how they accept configuration options.
Before, services were configured using the command section in docker-compose.yml.
Now, they use the environment section.
To provide backwards compatibility, the service command is still parsed, and known options are converted to environment variables.

Supported environment options for Python services can be found under


  • (feature) Brewblox services now use environment variables for configuration. command is still parsed for backwards compatibility.
  • (improve) The Spark service will now automatically detect its name. The --name / BREWBLOX_SPARK_NAME argument is optional.
  • (improve) The Docker Compose bridge network interface now has a name (default: br-brewblox).
  • (improve) The CA cert menu now also shows instructions for (some versions of) Android.
  • (fix) Fixed a bug where the Spark 4 could broadcast a 000000000000 device ID when connected to ethernet.
  • (fix) Fixed data publishing in the brewblox-hass service.
  • (fix) Fixed an invalid handshake when performing OTA updates for the Spark 2/3.
  • (fix) Sequence blocks now clear the error flag when a WAIT_XX instruction clears its error state, but still has to wait.
  • (fix) Fixed the firmware update interval for the Temp Sensor (OneWire), PID, and Setpoint blocks.
  • (fix) The brewblox-ctl script no longer calls tput on systems that don’t have it.
  • (fix) The auth service is now privileged to compensate for a bug in Debian Buster.
  • (fix) Direct URLs to UI pages no longer redirect to the home page on first load.
  • (fix) Environment args for brewblox-history now use the correct prefix.
  • (fix) brewblox-ctl snapshot save now stops and resumes running services to prevent file access errors.
  • (remove) Removed the brewblox-ctl add-plaato command, as the Plaato API will be shut down.
  • (dev) brewblox-boilerplate is updated and simplified.
  • (dev) brewblox-service is no longer a dependency for services based on brewblox-boilerplate.
  • (dev) Block patches now perform a deep merge for objects.
  • (docs) now has a new look.
  • (docs) Improved the organization and naming of docs pages.
  • (docs) Updated the Spark service page to use environment args.
  • (docs) Added reference documentation for service configuration options.
  • (docs) Updated the backup guide to use snapshots.
  • (docs) Updated documentation to reflect changes to configuration, and logging output.
  • (docs) The Builder guide no longer refers to the replaced “Edit Settings” tool.
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Can confirm this fixed my Home Assistant integration.

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