BrewBlox Runaway

Hey all, Today is a sad day. Checked my fridge this morning and found my bottles ruined with a fridge at -4 degF. I have no idea what has happened or where to start trouble shooting. I had issues after fermentation getting the spark to connect but I was able to update my network so the Pi and Spark were on my home network (i was running a LAN before) I was able to apply the latest update and everything seemed happy. I set my fridge to be 69 degF and let it run checked today and it was at -4. I did have to create a new dashboard but i deleted the old. This is not good a fail safe should be put in place at the very least. I also need to learn the settings better. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I anticipate i will need to do a fresh install to undo whatever i did.

Can you export your settings please? Spark page, export blocks.

Did you have a beer temp sensor connected? Was it inside or outside of the fridge? If the PIDs were still using the beer setpoint instead of the fridge setpoint, that could be a possible cause.

The chart of the cooling PID would also give some insight.

I had both a beer temp and a fridge temp sensor installed and working.

I also dig a little digging. After my first fermentation I had to reconfigure my network and had issues connecting to the spark. One of my steps was creating a new dashboard for fermentation where i might have swapped my Pin assignments for Heat and Cool. I checked and was not able to confirm this as they seem right as of today.

Here are the settings I exported and a snapshot of my Cool Pid. Anything else you may need let me know. Thank you.

Here is a Snapshot of the fridge graph on my fermentation dashboard

brewblox-blocks-spark-one.json (10.2 KB)

It looks like you swapped your outputs, because the heater was at 100%, not the cooler.