BrewBlox Temperature over/under shooting

Starting to test with BrewBlox and trying to find how best to tune it. Started with a clean install, used the Classic BrewPi arrangement. Have a bucket of water with a temp probe in it in my chest freezer and a basic setpoint profile. Initially, it cooled the beer too much and I realized the offset actuator was disabled. Enabling that seemed to help, but now the fridge is warmer than the setting and the beer is colder than the setting. Any suggestions on where to start?

brewblox-blocks-spark-one.json (6.7 KB)

Please show us a photo of your fridge.

Your fridge air is above the beer temp, but the beer temp doesn’t increase. My guess is that the beer is close to the back of the fridge and is cooled directly instead of via the fridge air.
You should probably not use indirect control via the fridge air but let the beer temperature drive the compressor directly.

What is your room temp sensor measuring?

The room sensor is just hanging outside the chamber so I can keep an eye on how much heat is in the small room I keep the fridge in. The setup is in a converted chest freezer with the fridge probe hanging in the middle. There is a ceramic reptile type heater in the corner. I did have this tuned pretty well (with your help) running BrewPi fermentationchamber