BrewBlox User guide...?

Sorry for a question that probably has 30,000 answers already but I’m new to the BrewBlox interface and I need the user guide so I can learn it and it’s not readily get-able by a search here. Does someone have the link handy?


Our documentation and user guides can be found at

A more comprehensive user manual is coming soon, now the software is getting somewhat more mature.

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Awesome - thank you very much!

Hi Bob, is the more comprehensive user manual you mentioned available yet?

I’ve just updated my spark v2 to brewblox and I’m very lost…

  • I’ve run the fridge wizard more than once while playing around, how do I remove blocks that are now redundant such as beer temp sensor-2 or -3?
  • I managed to remove my spark service, so the setup wizard wouldn’t work
  • I’ve got 4 temp sensors on my fridge (beer, fridge, room and compressor) and I’ve go no idea how to identify which one is which, onewire sensor-1 to -4.
    On the previous brewpi setup the temps were displayed live before assigning an address so I could just grab a sensor and see which temp increased

A guide for setting up your first beer using brewblox based off the previous brewpi setup would be ideal

The BrewPi -> brewblox migration guide is one of the items on the to-do list for the new brewblox website we’re busy building.

As to your questions:

  • On the service page you can see and remove blocks. You can also remove all blocks from the action menu in the top right corner (triple dots).
  • To re-add the service in the UI, go to wizardry, and add a service. The service ID will be spark-one.
  • You can see all temps live in the service page, but also in the wizard. In the step where you choose sensors/pins, select a sensor in the dropdown menu, and it will display current temperature.

Thanks Bob.

I’ll keep playing around with it. I think i need to remove all the blocks and run the wizard again, hopefully I get the default result
I look forward to seeing the new website and guide, keep up the good work