Brewery Builder Carboy


Using the brewery builder is great! But it seems I can not align the carboy with the tubing. Carboy opening is just half a block off.

Also, is it possible to transfer the liquid in the brewery builder, representing the actual state of the brewday?



To enable flow in pipes, add SystemIO parts. With the “Edit Settings” tool you can pressure them, and choose a liquid color. Add an unpressured SystemIO as outflow (eg. your sink).

For now you’ll also have to add them at kettle inflow/outflow (pressure the outflow). Automatically calculating liquid in kettles is still on the to-do list.

I’ll add an issue for the carboy mismatch. Not sure yet what the most elegant solution is there.


As for the carboy, can you not ‘draw’ it half a box to the left or right?

Absolutely. The issue is more with finding a solution that doesn’t break existing layouts too much. The fermentation wizard creates a builder with a carboy inside a fridge. That would have to be adjusted if we suddenly shift or resize the carboy.