Brewing Kettle Recommendations

According to BrewPi philosophy,the only piece of equipment needed from outside BrewPi store to have a fully functional HERMS setup is 3 Kettles.

As I am living in Europe, currently in The Netherlands, I have a bit diffuclty to find good kettles at decent prices. Until now I have seen good ones from Concord in the US which get quite expensive with Shipping + Import Taxes. In Europe the best price/quality I have seen are the ones from SS Brewtech which are still quite expensive.
I have seen that @Elco Kettles look quite nice. Would you advise where you got them?

Personally I am looking for something around 75-100 L but I think would be nice to set here some advices for future people.

I got mine from Menno, who runs this website:

Nice guy, great service.

The kettles are fine. Not the same quality as SS Brewtech of course, but not the same price either.
The SS Brewtech kettles have nicer handles, thicker walls and a thick bottom. But if you brew Electric, you don’t need a thick clad bottom anyway.

These kettles have worked well for me for years and I have ordered the same again to rebuild my setup with new parts. I got a sweet deal on a second hand SS Brewtech mash tun, which I like for the insulation and the center drain hole. But for my HLT and BK, I’m using Menno’s kettles.