Brewometer integration for the new V.3

I got the new V.3 up and running with the docker installation. Is there a way to get the Brewmeter (Tilt) to work with V.3? I tried the way as described in another topic regarding Brewmeter integration but that was for the V.2 and did not work for me.


I think the issue isn’t v2/v3. I think it’s that the software on the RasPi was updated to v0.5.0 recently and had some changes to the format of the logged data. I don’t believe the tilt integration has been updated to support this yet.


Indeed, v2 or v3 will behave exactly the same. It might be related to the firmware upgrade but the protocol hasn’t been updated a lot.
If you manage to find where it is stuck from your browser inspection console, maybe I can help you make it work with the new firmware.
Message are sent using the following format: u{-1, a: 0x332} [letter{arg1, arg2, …}]



The brewometer integration works by replacing a number of the BrewPi source files on the RasPi side with patched ones. Those patches need re-basing on top of the updated BrewPi code. I believe the author of the integration is planning on updating it soon.