Brewometer integration


I’m having some issues getting this working with the legacy branch. First of all I seem to have some BT issues

Secondly the graph doesn’t seem to be logging anything - no temperatures from my regular probes, no gravity or temp readings from my Tilt.

I’ve tried both the jlvnyc and supercow variations to no avail… Anyone got any ideas?


Hi. From the look of the logs, the Bluetooth is set-up correctly, as it’s detecting both a red and blue Brewometer/Tilt.

Did you read through the posts around the Arduino mod advice to see if there were any answers there?


Yeah… figured everything out eventually. I’m on the legacy branch so ended up using a fork of your code. I’ve also got two brewpi arduinos running off a single Pi. The fork I used needed a couple of modifications to show F over C and I also had to put the brewometer calibration files in a sibling directory to my two chamber directories. Finally, I cleared out the data directories so the graphs would reset properly. I don’t think any of this is down to your code and I want to thank you for leading this integration effort… I think it’s really quite awesome!


HI Guys! Congrats to all who have contributed to this awesome integration! I currently run a branch of legacy that supports using an ESP-8266 instead of arudino. Here is the repo / info = From the reading I’ve done in this thread, trying to get the Tilt to work on my install will likely break the ESP-8266 functionality. Does anyone else have the Tilt integration working with the ESP-8266 wireless controllers? Any help / input is greatly appreciated!


Hi @cripplecreek. Why do you think it will break the ESP-8266 functionality? The Tilt integration operates on your Raspberry Pi using bluetooth. What I can’t tell from the instructions on your repo is where the actual Brewpi script is running? Does it still run on the Raspberry Pi, or does it run on the ESP-8266?

If it’s the former, then you can re-integrate the modification into your repo. If it’s the latter, then will likely only get it to work if you can somehow enable a bluetooth connection on the ESP8266, which I’m not sure is possible. From the brief research I did, the successor to the ESP8266 had Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE, which is what you need to drive the mod.


Thanks @sbowler!
The script is installed onto the Pi. In my case, a 2b with a USB wifi / bluetooth le adapter. The esp8266 acts as an arduino. Do think it would be possible to add the Tilt code into my


Definitely. Do a compare of the changes in the file. Given you’ve got the esp8266 to work, I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble merging the changes in to your script.

Have you tried to see if your BLE adapter can see your Tilt?


@sbowler You ROCK!!!
Don’t know why I had any hesitations in having a go at this. I followed the directions in the readme and had essentially no issues. One word of advise for others wanting to get this integration working by adding @sbowler’s code into their existing Brewpi setup, choose your editor wisely. My initial attempt was made from my Mac using Coda 2. I got tons of delimiter errors when the script attempted to run. I tried to fix one after another. Ultimately, I re-did the code additions from a PC using Notepad++ and got it going with relative ease. Thanks again!!


Alright, what am I missing?? I reinstalled to get the tilt working and I lost all of my pretty lines. Tilt is paired, temp sensor and heater is set up same as before. Also, do I need to add the tilt somehow to to the device list?


I had the same problem. Turns out that the new code doesn’t like to see the old data. You need to start a new brew making sure to name it something that you haven’t already brewed. Then everything should start showing up.


Can you post a screenshot and were you successfully able to run the test script?


Here is a screenshot. I can’t find the test script. I am using this install script. I managed to insert your test script and it did not show any connection. Although, I can see that the device is paired from the desktop.


The test scripts and instructions can be found on github (same source that the install script uses).

The test script can confirm if the Tilt is able to be seen by the Pi.


@nanotapp - just to confirm. This is now working for me after I commented out the lines checking for Arduino.

Need to do some calibrations as it is showing a little off, but the integration is working perfectly!


Hi everyone…i am a new user here. As per my knowledge the problems with the brewometer is that it communicates via Bluetooth 4.0. Since the photon spark does not have Bluetooth connectivity you need at least a raspberry 3 to be able to communicate with the brewometer. Big question is if the guys of the brewometer were smart enough to incorporate some sort of encryption in the SG and temperature data. If so it is probably not possible.


…COOL… this looks very promising and I actually ordered a TILT to see how it works now that I have the brewpi spark monitoring my beer (I don’t trust it yet for control so I’m using my brewbit for control offline)… I do have two beer bugs as well but I’m liking the simplicity of the TILT (assuming it is indeed the new name for the brewometer).


To everyone using the tilt + brewpi:

Do you know where to get information on the SG curves of the yeasts that you are using, or do you communicate your findings somewhere? I think it may be insightful to see what type of curve yields which desired flavour out of the yeast…

I’ve run a couple of brews, with different yeast strains, and am seeing different curves:
BRY97: simple s-shaped downward curve (5 days to ferment SG 1061 all-malt wort), clean taste
WY3787: downward curve with two s-shaped phases over 14 days (first one took two days, second 12) (all-malt + 20% sugar, SG 1080), yet to try carbonated, but slightly spicy out of secondary.
WY1010: two-phase s-shaped downward curve over 5 days (first 1 day, second 4 days) (all malt wort, SG 1050), now in secondary

And, is anyone playing with temperature profiles dependent on the current SG?


Hi @HattyDamp,

This thread is about enabling BrewPi to read the Brewometer/Tilt data and log it with the BrewPi data. You can use Raspberry Pi 3 or a Bluetooth LE compatible dongle with a Raspberry Pi 2 to enable the communication.

Have a read through the thread for more information.


Hi @bfs,

It sounds like a cool idea! I would imagine there would be a lot of variables that would effect the fermentation curve. Pitch Rate, Yeast Viability, Oxygenation, Wort OG, Wort fermentability all come to mind as things that could vary the curve.

I’m not aware of further mods to allow triggering/changing of profiles based on current SG but it’s something that’s been raised a few times. I’m currently waiting for the new interface that’s in development before I add any significant new features.


Hi @sbowler,

Indeed, those are good points, that have to be noted. Also yeast nutrients/supplements should be mentioned (and which dose); wort fermentability could also be described by wort composition. Not to forget if a starter was made…

An update for the interface could help indeed with the automatic controlling of degF/C to SG, but before that, I’m thinking of just modifying the curve manually (smoothly however).

Do you have any info on your brews? I may create a thread here, but maybe you know a better place?