Brewometer integration


Do you see any changes on your UI?

Are you able to see any Tilt related lines in your stderr/stdout logs?


UI didn’t change and there nothing in the logs about the Tilt as far as I can tell.

I’ve gone back to TiltPi in the meantime since I have something fermenting I want to keep an eye on, but can try again some more this weekend/next week.


Are you sure you managed to change the files inside the container/in the right spot? The other thing to check is that re-started the script (or container) after making all the updates.


Sorry if this is the wrong place … but I just installed this successfully on the Legacy/Arduino system I have been running for the last 2 or 3 years … and wanted to say many many thanks to Both Elco (for conceiving of, and putting together such awesomeness) and sbowler (bloody legend) for their respective parts.

For something I spent less than AU$100 on 3 years ago, plus the recent additions/replacement of a Rpi3 and a new Tilt, … I can stare right into the heart of the beast now, and see what it’s really up to (noise notwithstanding)

It’s an awesome system for me and my shed, love ya work.


Help, please. My BrewPi SD card corrupted and I did not have a copy of the card after installing the Tilt stuff (stupid me). I have rebuilt using the legacy BrewPi as I am lost with the new BrewPi and containers, dockers , etc. However, your readme at GitHub is missing the instructions on loading/installing to my machine. Can you let me know what I should be doing? “sudo apt-get install ?..?”