BrewPi and Wifi

Hi All,

First I want to say how excited I am to have just received my BrewPi! I’ve been scouring these boards trying to verify, but can someone let me know if it is possible to connect my BrewPi v2 wirelessly (without being connected via USB to web server)? I have repurposed an old laptop to run Ubuntu which I’ve been using to setup the device. I have installed the latest version successfully, and am now getting readings back on the device from temperature sensors and the web server seems to be working great. My hopes were after initial configuration, the BrewPi could then connect via Wifi to the server.

I saw a post in another thread on Software Updates that mentioned some wifi capability was in the works. Though I have found several general discussions on Wifi, I am simply not clear if it is available today or not. It seems at the moment the device still needs to be connected via USB to either a Raspberry or other server in order to join my network. I appreciate any feedback, and apologize if this has been made clear elsewhere already. After a few days of reading many, many threads my head started to hurt so I figured I’d just ask the question directly. Thanks!

Currently wifi is not supported.

As you’re probably aware BrewPi is going through a complete re-write of the firmware, script, web interface, communication protocol etc. Wifi support will be one of the new features supported, but as far as I can tell the next release is a long way off yet.

I too am holding out for wifi. I have purchased a new BrewPi to use for mashing. I have an existing old Arduino based BrewPi with Raspberry Pi in the same enclosure for my fermentation chamber. I’m hoping to be able to use the same rapsberry pi to interface with both mashing and fermentation BrewPis, hence the requirement for wifi.

Thanks for the quick response! I mostly pieced it together, but asking the questions and getting it answered directly is extremely helpful and sets my mind at ease, thank you! I will be looking forward to the updates then, and in the meantime will setup my laptop to live next to my fermentation chamber :slight_smile: Thanks again!