Brewpi as a mash controller

People, I intent modify a Brewpi code to use it as a mash temperature controller. So, I would like to know somethings:

  1. Where and how to change idling time and time to heat? I know that time to cooling is to protect frigde compressor. Why we have also time to heating?

  2. Is there a tutorial where we have a detailed description for each parameter on Maintenance Page?

  3. Anybody knows how to implement a PWN for heating action?


Fabiano da Mata

This is coming very soon in the code. I would wait a bit unless you really just want a project.

Elco released some code before his vacation to handle PWM for running an element, but it has to be tweaked manually.


After installed Brewpi on RPi+Arduino, I would like change MIN_COOL_OFF_TIME. So, how Indo this in a system that is working? Where this file is? If I change this value, I can use this version to try control temperature of mash.



I download Arduino AVR and did some changes on TempControl.h e recompile with Atmel. It is working ok.